The Top 5 Best Hikes in Tooele

The Top 5 Best Hikes in Tooele

The Top 5 Best Hikes in Tooele

Whether you are a tourist trying to get the full Tooele Valley experience or a local looking for a new adventure, these hikes are for you. The following hikes in Tooele are considered to be the best for their views, challenging terrain, high peaks, and beautiful wildlife. 

  1. 1. Deseret Peak Trail

This 11,031-foot Deseret Peak Trail is an 11,031 foot, 8-mile hike up through the Stansbury mountains. On the trail, you will see groups of large aspens, meadows of wildflowers, fir trees, rocky ridges, and snowfields. This trail is family-friendly and a great opportunity to be on the lookout for wildlife such as herds of deer and golden eagles! The trail is located at the top of Willow Canyon. 

2. South Willow Lake Trail 

The South Willow Lake Trail offers an excellent view of Deseret Peak Cirque. Along the ridge, just to the north of the trail there are blooming colorful wildflowers that take your breath away. At the end of the hike, you reach the Pockets Fork Trail junction which leads you directly to a high saddle with views of Big Creek canyon and Skull Valley.

3. Davenport Canyon Trail

This moderately challenging loop trail starts at about 5,800 feet and climbs to about 6,400 feet totaling at a 4.25-mile distance. It leads you deep into the Stansbury Mountains and is the best out-and-back experience you can get in Tooele. It is also convenient if you are looking to do several trail hikes in one day because it is connected to the North Willow Canyon Trail and the Stansbury Front Trail. 

4. Copper Pit Overlook Trail 

This 9.8-mile loop is located seven miles southeast of Tooele. The most spectacular views are offered as you lay your eyes on the world’s largest open-pit copper mine at Brigham Canyon. To the east of the copper mine, there are more than 100 miles of the Wasatch Range and to the west of it, there are views of the basin and range of the West Desert. The best time to hike the Copper Pit Overlook Trail is in the fall when the maples and aspens are in color. 

5.  Tooele Valley Overlook

The Tooele Valley Overlook features stunning panoramic views of the valley, the Stansbury Mountains, and the Great Salt Lake. The best part of this hike is that it is short, only 385 feet of climbing and only about 2 miles long. There is so much to take in in those two short miles, not to mention the amazing view of Lake Bonneville on the Oquirrh Mountains lower slopes at the last .9 miles of the hike.