Horseback Riding

The enjoyment of riding tall in the saddle is a big draw for horsemen who come to Tooele County for a mountain or valley trail ride experience. The Stansbury Mountain Range, with its rugged terrain and high peaks, offers many exhilarating rides and beautiful vistas for horsemen.

Two to make mention include the Stansbury Front Trail and South Willow Lake. Access for the Stansbury Front Trail is from Hickman, South Willow, North Willow and Davenport Canyons. The trail to South Willow Lake begins at the Loop Campground in South Willow Canyon.

The Oquirrh Mountains also offer several ideal rides off the beaten path, from the foothills above Lake Point, Stansbury Park and Erda, to the canyons like Bates, Middle, Settlement, Soldier, Dry, Ophir and more. More trails exist in the Onaqui and Sheep Rock Mountains above Vernon, and to the west, on and off of the Pony Express Trail.

Visitors to the area have modern stalls to keep their horses at Deseret Peak Complex, plus at several private operators in Tooele Valley.

In addition to riding horseback, horse-lovers can also view wild horses from several areas in the county, most notably the Cedar and Onaqui Mountains. For more on wild horses, please click here. For more information on horseback riding locations in Tooele County, call (800) 378-0690.