Two great locations to experience the Great Salt Lake from Tooele County are Black Rock on the border of Tooele and Salt Lake Counties, and the Great Salt Lake State Marina. Both areas are visible from Interstate 80 and are easily accessed via Saltair Exit 104 from I-80.

But an even better view is from a sailboat on the Great Salt Lake. Make sure to visit the Great Salt Lake State Marina, which is home for over 250 sailboats. If you’re a sailor, or thinking about learning and buying a sailboat, check in at the office for the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club (GSLYC).

Founded in 1877 and one of the oldest yacht clubs in America, GSLYC and its members promote, develop and preserve recreational sailing and enjoyment of the Great Salt Lake. Members say the sailing experience on the lake is unmatched, because of the scenic surroundings and “no else is out there.” The solitude (no screaming jet boats and wave-runners here) is unsurpassed.

And the usual Great Salt Lake shoreline smell? Once you’re out on the lake, it’s gone.

The GSLYC offers rides to inquisitive visitors, and has a variety of programs and events. There’s a racing program, cruising and social events, junior and women sailing programs, and educational seminars. Want to learn how to sail? This is the place.

To reach the marina, take Exit 104 at Saltair and proceed south and then west on the marina access road for 1.5 miles. To reach Black Rock, as the road nears the marina, it veers to the right and a gravel road is visible to the left. Turn left there and proceed west to Black Rock, which is approximately a quarter-mile away.

For more information about sailing on the Great Salt Lake, visit the yacht club’s web site at and the marina’s web site at