Stansbury Park Observatory

The popular Stansbury Park Observatory, or SPOC, regularly hosts annual star gazing parties, giving vistors a glimpse of black holes, sunspots, star clusters, nebula, and more.

The observatory, which is owned by the Salt Lake Astronomical Society, is not only a standout feature in the county, but in the state as well.

“Very few states have these kinds of observatories that are available for the general public,” said Ann House, vice president for SLAS. “It has three permanently mounted telescopes. One is a 32 inch, which is the largest in the state for public observing.”

The stellar views also come with the commentary of local astronomy experts.

“We just love to show the public what can be seen from the planet earth,” House added. “We love to see the reactions on the public’s faces.”

For more information, visit the SLAS Web site at, or call Patrick Wiggins, Utah NASA solar system ambassador and secretary/treasurer for the Salt Lake Astronomical Society, at